Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Tassy TY very much LOL

Ok here we go

Four places I worked:
PSE (hubbys business)
Girl Fridays

Four places I have lived:
Pine Valley - Cwmavon - Port Talbot
All Saints Place - Cwmavon - Port Talbot
Penllyn - Cwmavon - Port Talbot
Bispham - Blackpool - Lancashire

Four places I have visited on vacation:

Four favourite foods:

Four places I would rather be right now:
In bed!
With my Mum
Africa on Safari
Skiing in Canada

Ok and now i have to tag 4 more people .... eerrmmm ok sorry guys ...

Nerdbird Steph

All work and NO play .....

will make Mel an unhappy bunni! LOL

OK it seems all work this week! It went grand on my first day @ Girl Fridays :)
Did lots and the day went like magic!

Today i have tried to get ontop of the washing and cleaning and i have done that! but left no time 4 crafty stuff at all :( Boo Hoo i say!

Gunna bath the kiddies and get them into bed ASAP and then maybe just maybe i can get a little play time! Hubby has just bought halo 3 so i know he will be "quiet" this evening hehehe

soooo if i am not too tired (as i have a full days work again tomorrow and the day after) i WILL get something done !

Hope your all ok today! Happy Scrapping/crafting if your beavering away! x

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok i am now officially a BAD BLOGGER!!

this week has been manic to say the least! We went to the Yorkshire moors for the weekend on a Pie And Peas weekend - see here hubbys Blog it was when the paramotorists of the UK meet up and camp in a fiels ontop of a mountain 1000 foot up!! with no electricity or loos or anything really LOL anyway everyone enjoyed!

Then there was our weekly challenge on UKS -

It's the turn of the Norty Crew to challenge you this week, and we have not gone for the usual dates and times meanings, instead we have gone for elements that we like to scrap with. So here is the spec for you this week;

We want you to scrap any other size than 12x12 - 15 points

We want you to think along the lines of Norty - 10 points

and we want you to use ribbon - 5 points

and thats it! We are really looking forward to seeing all your creations ... happy scrapping Smile :)

so have been inendated with writting comments on the fab tastic LOs that got made!

Then i have to start 2 CJs !!! OMG crafting is gunna have to take over b4 housew**k i think! i also have Mums invites OOS and place names ect ect to do! OMG writting it down freaks me out!

and the BIGGEST thing is i actually start work tomorrow!!! YEAH i know i know its been 8 years since i did an honest days work :( Kiddies seem to have taken over!

BUT its now my turn! (although i have not been a layabout for the past 8 years - ok k yeah i have i have crafted myself silly PMSL and helped run hubbys business *wink*

so today i went to get some new clothes (very basic stuff) to wear as i deceided i had nothing suitable!

Oh forgot to mensin what i will be doing DOH! i have finaly give in and got my scissors back out! :) Will update tomorrow with the progress of how the day went (if i am still standing that is!)

OK and challenge 6 and 7 have been up on papercraft Junkies (so sorry for the delay in saying about challenge 6 *blush*

OK challenge 7 - This week is Ratty Tatty's (Tracey Dean) turn to pick a subject - 'Did I mention DIMENSION'

So loads of depth and dimension for this challenge.

This is what i came up with

That last one is for my Book of Favs - here on CBC

Thanks to Lise of the inspiration!

Ok think thats about it for one day! congrats if u made it this far down the post!
Oh and Carol here we go, hope you enjoy reading it! LOL i did this just for you to stop nagging at me *wink*

Oh and if anyone gets the chance please take a look here - Carols Blog

I wubs ya hunni xxxxxxxx

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Challenge 5 - Papercraft Junkies

This week is Natalie's Natbag turn to pick a subject - 'A to Z'

My challenge is called A to Z and I'd like you all to incorporate a letter or monogram in your LO/card/ATC/altered project. It can be one single letter, or a whole alphabet, and it can be about or for anyone you like - the choice is yours. :)

so this is what u came up with

Dont forget to check out the thread here - Challenges and dontforget there is a fab prize so come along and join in x

The 2 notebooks are made for the charity event @ Wiccaweys next weekend

and the little box i made for My good friend Sarah (Sarahyoo UKS) for her birthday :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

A very special CJ

Ok there are 6 of us doing a very special CJ.
and here is mine :) Hope you like it xxx

It used to be a clarks shoe box hehehe

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Challenge 4 - Papercraft Junkies

This week is Melissa's (ME!!!!!) turn to pick a subject - 'Who are our family?

I love my MIL to bits and have made her a journal and journal jar to record memories in. This idea of this came from wondering about her life many years ago, wondering what she got up to when she was younger. So i devised a plan and made this jar full of questions for her to answer in the journal, she can pic one out stick it to the page and journal about it! In 30/40 years time my kiddies will know the answers to these question and not have to wonder like i do.

I hope you can all join in with this challenge and find out who are our family?

It maybe an interview with an older member? and record it via a LO , or record your family tree, or even start a journal with your findings about your family .... the theme is open to all interpretations!

Come on pop along have a peep see what its all about and there is a fabby frize too :)

papercraft junkies

What a week!

Well i have had two trips to A&E with the "baby"

1st trip ~ he walkes into the prong on the saftey gate stright in his eye!!!
he burst all the blood vesstles and he looked a right mess!

2nd trip ~ he fell on Sat night while we were at a BBQ over friends house, smacked his head on the gate ~ another right mess ...They wanted to shave his hair to put stitches in it, and i said "nooooooo" you cant do that he starts school Tuesday LOL LOL so they ended up glueing it, and giving me butterfly stitches thingies to bring hi=ome incase it opened hehehe


the "baby" did not look back after he went in bless his cottons!
I hope hes ok! hes on his lunch as we speak LOL aaaaawwwww i miss him :(

DD went in with a skip in her step too, she loves school i am so lucky! x