Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OMG . . . .

i must be the worlds WORSE blogger teehee

OK, news well let me see .... i drove to Wales on my own with the kiddies on Friday after work :) and drove home again today :) Car still in one piece hehehe

Hubby has had his first flight .. YE HAH! .. check it out here ...

Extreme PPG his blog here 2nd post down i think tells of his fab morning!

erm think thats it for now, work tomorrow so need to get some shut eye! xxx

Saturday, October 13, 2007

awch . . .

oh dear i have a migrane!
its been hanging on for 2 days now and i need to shift it ASAP, i want to do some crafty stuff but cant concentrate!!!

any info on how to get rid would be fab!
Hope your all having a brill weekend :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

so sorry .......

for being a bad blogger :(

Having a few probs at home at the min so finding it hard to get myself together! Anyone wanna give me a slap? LMK LOL

ok here are my cards for the monthly swop over on CBC

Theme was stamping or PINK for the non stampers LOL

Cant show the other yet as its for another project not launched *wink*

I have also made a CJ - which is for the CBC CJ

Here it is ... "Words to live by"

My son is not well, poor dab, he was sent home from school on friday with a temp :(
well turns out he has hand foot and mouth diesease :(
He still insistd he wants to go to school but his feet are raw!

thats what his hand looks like! hes feet are 100x worse!