Friday, November 23, 2007

so sorry for not blogging ....

I have had to take a break from a few things, as i have sooooo much going on in my life ATM!

I became an aunt again ... how friggin cool is that! This is my Niece Sklya . Born Sunday the 11th November 2007

This is my beautiful Niece Kali age 4 holding her "brand new" Sister as she told me!

and here she is feeding her! ... aaawww bless her!

and bath time ... Kali testing the water!!!!!

I really do have the most wonderful family *wub* I really miss you guys xxx

I saw this on a blog little bit of this and that It is flipping brillaint! Take a looksie ......

I am so sorry i have not any vrafty pics to show you, my camera has died on me :-(
we cant really afford one ATM cause all the decorating has cost a dam fortune! BUT hopefully hubby will get one b4 xmas a D SLR too so i will be looking forward to that!!!

Hope your all well! and thanks for popping along to me blog :-)
will try and get some pics soon promise, i have made a scrapbook full of 32 pages, its for a friends DD who had a blaa for her birthday! Its great actually, i am very pleased with it! Hopefully will be able to share soon x

Monday, November 05, 2007

My mad hubby !!!!!!!!

We went down the beach yesterday and this is my mad hubby on his 2nd flight!