Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Well the time has finally come for the "Norty Crew" to all meet face to face!

I am so excited i cant even put it into words LOL

The meet is being held in the Hilton Hotel Blackpool (5 mins down the road from me - how lucky am i!)

We have a room booked for a BIG crafting session on the Saturday! Not sure how much we will get done mind you *wink*

Will be sure to report back with lots of pics of us all getting upto mischief LOL

Oh nearly forgot to say .... its the big day tomorrow for my OP, so wont be around much this week, hope your all crafting hard LOL


Saturday, September 06, 2008

OH MY !!!!

Well i am still wondering where JUNE went !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let alone July & August !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK We have had such a weird couple of months, from happies to saddies and back again! I really dont know where to start ..............

Crafting has taken a real back seat i am afraid to say, i have been completing the CJs i am in and thats about it until this last week :)

Antonia my DD spent 3 weeks in Alicante at the start of the hols! Then we went to join her for the last 10 day, what a wonderful place! We stayed in a new complex where my dad has a Villa (yeah should have said my DD was staying with him really shouldnt i)

The compelex was called ELDORADO lol lol

Here are a few pics ...

Thats out of the plane window on route to Alicante :-)

One of the many sand sculptures we found on the beach :-)

Thats Aidan when we climbed to the top of the castle in 41* blimey charley it was ot ot ot :-)

Aidan, Antonia and Sophie (my dads step daughter)

guard de civil ... LOL LOL

Fishing down the harbour on the last morning! Everyone had a blast!

On our way home !!

Pool antics!

Then the day we came home we found a lump on the dog :-(
Took her to the vet that afternoon and he says she needs op to see if its cancer!
Well all went well during the op and the first 3 days she was fine! Then she got poorly :-( (apparently it was gastro - we had a rough few days then with her)

The results came back 5 days later that it was a very rare form of historical cancer and its the most aggressive form eva apparently! So as you can guess we were all hysterical!

And i had the job of going to tell the family (which was the hardest thing i have have ever had to do!
If you have not got a dog/cat then you prob think i am barking! But of you do have one then you will know where i was coming from.

So with it being such a rare form of cancer they have no details to give us! No time, no treatement no nothing! Which i dont know if its a good or bad thing!

THEN .... my poor niece tipped a bucket full of boiling hot water over herself! Burnt really bad! My Sister was hysterical as you can only imagine! She has only just learnt to crawl! So she is still very young! Anyway shes coping ok at then min!

and THEN !!!! ...........

I have had 8 stitches in may hand! AWCH is all i can think about!
I was washing up and sliced through the webbed bit inbetween my little finger and the next one! Straight to the hosp! and was in and out within an hour and half not bad going! Must have seen how white i was and thought we'll get rid of her b4 shes sprawled out on the floor needing a bed too! LOL

anyway had the stitches out about a week ago and it split open nearly srtaight away so its been a tough few weeks not having a right hand!

anyway today is the first day i feel its healing proper! so fingers crossed

right if you have made it this far then thanks xxxx
Ill be trying very hard to keep up with this blogging a bit more promise xxx