Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Well the time has finally come for the "Norty Crew" to all meet face to face!

I am so excited i cant even put it into words LOL

The meet is being held in the Hilton Hotel Blackpool (5 mins down the road from me - how lucky am i!)

We have a room booked for a BIG crafting session on the Saturday! Not sure how much we will get done mind you *wink*

Will be sure to report back with lots of pics of us all getting upto mischief LOL

Oh nearly forgot to say .... its the big day tomorrow for my OP, so wont be around much this week, hope your all crafting hard LOL



Louisa said...

Whats your op for Melissa? I do hope all goes well. Great to see you back blogging x

maddy hill said...

oh melissa didnt know you where having an op - i hope it well xxx
id love to see some more crafty stuff on your blog Melissa , you do georgeous makes xxx get back to crafting soon eh ?xxx
have a great crafty day in blackpool !
love n hugs maddy

Hazel said...

Awwwww Melissa - didn't know about the op - hope all is well. Hope the hand is really beginning to heal now xxx

maddy hill said...

I have something for you on my blog Mrs !
You had better go and collect it lol

hope your ok x
love maddy

maddy hill said...

oh melissa im missing your makes ! hurry on i need to see some pink inspiration !

Terrie Farrell said...

Good luck with your op. x

goodeda1122 said...