Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

These past few weeks have been hectic! Aidan has been real poorly :-( We have had a few trips to A&E with him too! Anyway hes on the mend now i fink!
Although he has been so excited during xmas week hes even given himself two asthma attacks! Bless his cottons!

Anyway Christmas day went well! Antonia was up @ 4 !!!!! anyway i managed to say through gritted teeth get back to bed! and she went! Although she tells me she played her DS until 7am LOL!

Kiddies were spoilt rotten again! I say every year we will cut down but be dont *blush*

Here are a few pics ...

Father Christmas left a bit of mess when he came to us! And on my new carpet too!!!!!

Off out again this year for new years eve!
We are going to the empress balroom with MIL< FIL Dad Step mother and Soph :-)
Its gunna be ace!

Will report back with some pics and a full run down of the evening xxx

Thanks for popping by, i hope you all have a wonderful new year! x